Just thought I’d post this here as well

June 17, 2008

I posted this on Ravelry a few minutes ago but thought I’d post it here as well.   

I think anyone else who is still waiting today I think its easiest just to refund you for the portions you are missing, this has gone on for so long now that I think its the right thing to do. Email me please at the kerrieAThipknits address if you want a refund and I will sort that out.

Oh, and a message to A Nony Mouse. Just to let you know that I have a new policy of reporting anonymous bitchy comments to ISPs and have forwarded your details on to the abuse@btbroadband team. They advised me that they probably won’t do anything with it as the comments were just (in my opinion) stupid and un-necessary rather than malicious but all the same, its not really clever is it?

Sorry to all of you that this didn’t run as smoothly as it should have done.  😦  I made so many stupid mistakes, letting so many people join to start with and a whole pile of others.  Big lessons learned from it.